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  • Our website was created in 2 weeks and at a great price. We needed it before our sales seminar and it was produced in time and on budget. The video production was also terrific and helped us sell our properties.
    Seaspray Estate
  • Our ecommerce site was outdated and needed an upgrade.  We had used a number of web developers over the past 8 years but My Stores and More completed the job in just a few weeks for an incredible price. They are now getting us 40% more traffic than we have ever seen before.
    Imperial Exports
  • Your work for our website is actually amazing. So much good feedback. Even just random comments people have said about how nice it is, how professional it looks, easy to navigate etc. I also had a quick look over the stats on new clients from last month… 42 new clients I had, found me through Google… thanks to u guys. So I can’t thank you enough
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